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Automotive Material Testing and Reporting أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:103

Automotive Material Testing and Reporting

As the basis of vehicle production, the quality of automotive materials is a prerequisite for the success of vehicle production. With the increasingly perfect functions of various new models and the continuous pursuit of driving experience, automobile manufacturers are required to monitor the quality and safety of materials at the source.

Standard Group can target metal, polymer materials and leather. , textiles, etc. are monitored in all aspects, including mechanical properties and various reliability analyses.

Metal material testing

Test items: failure analysis, mechanical property testing, microscopic analysis, metallographic analysis, coating analysis, corrosion, fracture analysis, welding inspection services, dimensional measurement, non-destructive testing, testing and analysis chtesting, ore inspection

Polymer Materials Testing

Rubber and Plastic

Y including interior/exterior trim auto parts and structural parts made of PE, PP, PVC, ABS, PC, PA, POM, PBT, PET, TPE, TPO, TPR, TPU and other materials; and Natural rubber, SBR rubber, SBS rubber, vulcanized rubber, etc., including shock-absorbing auto parts, casings, tires, transmission belts, sealing strips, wiper blades, etc.

Main items: mechanical properties, thermal properties, electrical insulation properties, accelerated artificial aging, combustion test, chemical resistance test

Reflective materials

Including reflective logos and reflective stickers on the car body, reflective textiles and triangular warning signs, etc.

Test items: size, color,reflectivity, abrasion resistance, color fastness, compression performance, flexural strength, crack, salt spray test

Foam foam

Including seat cushions, fillers, and interior and exterior trim parts that are primarily used in the passenger compartment.

Testing Item: Density, Compression Deformation, Hardness, Thermal Conductivity, Water Absorption, Sound Absorption Coefficient, Insulation Volume, Heating Fluidity, Filling , adhesion of steel plates, phosphating Adaptability to liquids, solids content

Leather and textile testing

Including seat covers, cabin liners, car mats, ceiling non-woven fabrics, felt fabric trunks, etc.

Mechanical and other physical properties, chemical properties and chemical resistance, product reliability

Tests of coating and plating

For reasons of appearance and cost savings, or to increase the mechanical strength of parts and improve other functions, coatings and veneers are applied to the surfaces of interior and exterior trim parts, fasteners and various mechanical transmission components.

Test items: paint film elasticity, wear resistance, coating/coating thickness, pencil hardness, gloss, color difference, impact resistance coating, paint film sand impactresistance, damping hardness, composition analysis

Glass testing

Mainly includes car windows and reflectors.

Main projects: reflectivity, light transmission, crush test, edge stress