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AT8900 breath alcohol tester with test report

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:19

AT8900 Breath Alcohol Tester with Test Report: The AT8900 Breath Alcohol Tester is listed in the Equipment*Traffic Management Equipment Catalog. Product design, inspection and compliance with the following standards:

GB/T 21254-2007 "Detektor exhalation alcohol content"

GB 19522-2004 "Vehicle drivers blood, breath alcohol content and inspection"

AT8900 breath alcohol content detector Includes test reportProduct benefit:

Use industrial grade 32-bit embedded processor, with fast speed and strong processing power.

Highly sensitive electrochemical sensors are used to effectively ensure stable performance and accurate measurements.

The sensor* is modularized for easy replacement and calibration.

Simplified keyboard combined with touch screen operation, information entry is convenient and fast.

Heyft an 8-inch color screen, which is suitable for wide illumination and wide operating temperature range.

Test records are automatically saved in large quantities and can store 20,000 test records.

Modular thermal printer and Bluetooth dot matrix printer are available for users to choose freely.

The test data is directly uploaded to the computer through the USB interface to realize centralized statistical management of the data.

Drinking alcohol, drunk alcohol two levels, bladder interruption, refusal test function.

A variety of test units (mg/L, mg/100ml, g/L, ‰BAC, %BAC, etc.) can be selected by the user.

Real time display of time and temperature.

With password management function.

Disposable anti-backflow, anti-blocking, anti-spray surface blowing nozzle design, and the blowing nozzle can be rotated 360°.

With low voltage and energy-saving automatic switch-offfunction.

Powered by a large capacity rechargeable lithium battery.

Wide operating temperature range design, wide range to meet customer needs.

It has automatic and intelligent management functions for test information (instrument number, test location, time, tester, test result, etc.).


Technical indicators:

Product model AT8900 Sensor type Electrochemical alcohol sensor Measuring range 0~2,000mg / L (0~ 440mg/100ml) warm-up time <20s alcohol-drinking driving threshold 0.090mg/L (20mg/100ml) drunk driving threshold 0.363mg/L (80mg/100ml) battery parameter 7.4V lithium battery, nominal capacity 2500mAH recommended charging time 6 hours continuous working time normal detection status more than 20 hours host size 156mm×76mm×38mm host weight about 320g