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Application of wireless temperature measurement products in Suzhou subway project

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:45

Ankeruimu Karen

Summary: With the promotion and application of substation automation technology, more and more unattended substations, high voltage substations, switchgear adopt a completely sealed structure. During extended use, the contacts of the switch and busbar joint will heat up due to aging or excessive contact resistance. Since the temperature of these heat-generating parts cannot be monitored, the operating conditions of the equipment become worse and worse. The probability of equipment accidents such as contact fuse and blade burnout in the high voltage switchgear has increased greatly, so it is very necessary to carry out safety temperature monitoring and intelligent control. In this regard, our producseries of wireless temperature measurement effectively solve such problems.

Keywords:electrical contact, subway, wireless temperature measurement

1. Overview

The power distribution system is a power network system composed of several power distribution equipment and power distribution facilities that convert voltage and distribute power directly to end users. As the last link of the power system, the power distribution system faces the end users directly, and its perfection is directly related to the reliability and qualityit of the power consumption of the majority of users, so it plays an important role in the power system. To prevent serious accidents such as equipment aging, equipment burnout, power supply interruption, and equipment fire and explosion due to excessive temperature, long-term temperature monitoring of each electrical contact can effectively prevent serious failures that cause personal injury to users. and economic loss.

Suzhou Metro Line 7 is expected to open in December 2024. Operation, the logo color is light purple, with a total length of 49.0 kilometers; a total of 38 stations set up, all underground stations; 6-car B-type trains are used. The line starts from Chunqiu Road Station in Xiangcheng District, passes through Xiangcheng District, Suzhou Industrial Park, Wuzhong District, passes through Huangdai core area, high speed train Suzhou North Station, high speed train new town, core area of ​​Xiangcheng District, Huxi core area of ​​Suzhou Industrial Park, Wuzhong District center, Yuexi and Wuzhong Taihu New City end at Wangshan Road Station in Wuzhong District, from north to south.

Suzhou Rail Transit Line 8 is expected to be launched in September 2024. the first phase of the operation, the color of the logo is olive green, with a total length of 36.84 kilometers; a total of 29 stations will be set up, all underground stations; 6-car Type B trains are used. The line startsint from Xijinqiao Station in Suzhou High-tech Zone, passing through Suzhou High-tech Zone, Gusu District, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou Industrial Park, passing through Fengqiao District of New District, Jinchang New City of Gusu District, Yangcheng Lake Development Axis of the Xiangcheng District and the Kuatangcheng Railway District of the park, the urban railway station in the park, the business district, the residential area on the eastern shore of Lake Jinji, the scientific research and education area and Chefang residential area in the south, ending at Xinping Street Station in Suzhou Industrial Park, in a northwest-southeast direction.

After completion of No. 7 and No. 8 rail transport, it will be connected with the original rail transport to form a \"combined ring line\" te forms to transfer to the same platform, which is convenient for residents along the line to travel and reduce the traffic burden in the city, to further improve the structure and functions of the Suzhou rail transit network and enhance the network effect; upon completion, it will provide new growth points for Suzhou\'s economic and social development, and support the construction of the urban spatial structure of \"one center, two axes and one belt\" in Suzhou urban area and central urban area. The \"T-shaped\" urban spatial structure of \"one center, two districts, two areas\". In order to ensure the travel safety of Suzhou people and the stable development of the social economy, it is very necessary to ensure the normal operation of rail transport through safety temperature monitoring and intelligent control.

product requirements and configuration

This project is aimed at Suzhou Rail Transit. The high-voltage cabinets in the power distribution room of Line 7 and Line 8 should be equipped with wireless temperature measurement products for safety temperature monitoring. The specific requirements are as follows:

1) Power method: inductive power;

2) Temperature measurement range: -50℃~+125℃;

3)Centralized display of electrical contact temperature on site;

4) High voltage box incoming line 3-point temperature measurement, 6-point temperature measurement of vacuum circuit breaker moving contact;

5) The service life is not less than 10 years and the measurement accuracy is ±1°C;

According to the above requirements, Ankerui\'s wireless temperature measurement products are selected as shown in the table below.

3. Install in place

4. Related products

Currently there are four types of wireless temperature sensors: (a. battery powered b. sensor powered)

5. Temperature measurement schedule

6. Recommendation schema

a . In situ

b. Platform

Acrel-2000/T wireless temperature measurement system can access the temperature data of all temperature measuring devices in the equipment layer of the user station, using advanced computer technology, modern electronics Technology, communication technology and signal processing technology, the temperature data connected to the temperature measuring device is read, analyzed andprocessed and displayed on the computer, to realize the monitoring of all temperature nodes in the whole station. The system has an independent database, which can record data, query data, query curves, and query reports. It has functions such as high temperature, over temperature, and limit alarm, and alarm time query. The online monitoring of the temperature of the wireless temperature measurement system can improve the safety of the equipment, display the operating status of the equipment in a timely, continuous and accurate manner, prevent safety accidents, and reduce the number of accidents of the equipment. The user station does not need regular inspections, reducing manpower and material resources and realizing automatic management.

The network diagram looks like this:

7, conclusion

In short, prevent the contacts from heating up due to excessive contact resistance caused by oxidation, looseness, dust and other factors during useBecome a safety hazard, improve the safety of equipment, timely, continuously and accurately display the operating status of the equipment and reduce the number of equipment accidents Cable joints, circuit breaker contacts, knife switches, high voltage cable subheads, dry transformers, Temperature monitoring of equipment such as low voltage and high current is very necessary.


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