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Application of gravimetric contact angle measuring instrument

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:54

The gravimetric contact angle measuring instrument can really be used as a test instrument for dynamic and static surface and interfacial tension. It can be connected to a constant temperature water tank for temperature control, and the highest temperature is 130°C. Higher temperatures or special needs can be customized products.

The gravimetric contact angle measuring instrument is a dynamic/static interface chemical analysis system based on the principle of automatic weighing method. An excellent instrument specially developed for high quality and high precision testing requirements;

It can be used to measure surface tension (ST)/interfacial tension (IFT), materials solids, powders, Fiber contact angle/hydrophilic angle/wetting angle (CA/DCA), solid surface free energy analysis (SFE) and the critical micelle concentration (CMC) in the surfactant preparation are key indicators for characterizing the chemical properties of the interface.< / p>

The contact angle refers to when a liquid is in contact with a solid surface, the tendency of the shape of the liquid/gas interface of the liquid at the point of contact with the solid surface (three-phase contact limit, 3PCP) The angle between the tangent to the solid surface (including the liquid phase side).

The value of this angle indicates the wettability of the liquid on the solid surface:

When the wettability is very good, the liquid can spread completely on the solid surface, showing a contact angle value of 0°; when the wettability is poor, the liquid cannot spread on the solid surface at all, and can only gather together, showing a contact angle value of 180°;

When the wettability is between trgood and very bad, the liquid can spread to a limited extent on the solid surface Come, form a contact angle between 0°~180°.

This angle value of Limited contact is the balance of various interaction forces in the system, and it is also the energy tendency of the system results.