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Application of Acrel-2000E Power Distribution Room Comprehensive monitoring system in youth soccer training center

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:22

Ankeruimu Karen

Summary: According to the information islands that may exist in the existing power distribution space, Ankerui operates remotely and other issues, using hardware processing technology, network transmission technology, communication technology and database technology to develop the Acrel-2000E power distribution room comprehensive monitoring system by itself, the system collects the temperature and humidity, water immersion, smoke, access control and video of the power distribution room and other data to environmental monitoring, security monitoring and other functions. The system can also control fans and sound and light alarms in linkage, which is of great importance for the automatic management of power distribution rooms, disaster preventionsion and early warning, safety protection and other applications. This article introduces the application of the Acrel-2000E comprehensive power distribution room monitoring system in Xiamen City Youth Football Training Center. The system realizes the intelligent management of distributed collection and centralized control, ensuring the safe and reliable operation. The operation offers a solid technical guarantee.

Keywords:environmental monitoring, security protection, intelligent management

0 Introduction

Acrel-2000E/G power distribution room integrated monitoring system can be linked Real-time monitoring and analysis of temperature and humidity changes, ventilation conditions, indoor water accumulation and the operating status of equipment in the electrical room, active alarms for abnormal situations , and combined with the organic combination of various sub-functions, an abnormality-based The alarm linkage processing mechanism provides a technical means for timely detection of distribution network problems in the power grid. Combined with corresponding management means, the two-way interaction between the power distribution room and the management end is realized to achieve the purpose of \"two lows\" to reach and three highs\", that is, hReducing energy costs and reducing financial pressure, improving power supply quality, improving the return of funds and improving service quality provide a strong guarantee for ensuring the safe operation of power distribution equipment, making improving the quality of the power grid and providing better services to power users.

Training at Xiamen Youth Football Training Center In the field project, the system realizes the query, analysis, early warning and comprehensive display of various monitoring data to ensure the safety of the power distribution environment. In terms of intelligence, it realizes the remote measurement and remote signal data collection of the power and distribution monitoring systemem and the remote control points; in terms of data source management, it can monitor the operation of various equipment in the power supply and distribution room (including historical and real-time parameters), and request or print daily, monthly and annual reports according to the actual situation, improving work efficiency and staff is saved.

1 Project overview and requirements

The Xiamen Youth Football Training Center is said to be located on the west side of the core area of ​​Jimei New City, covering a total area of ​​nearly 100,000 square meters, mainly six standard football training fields, physical training rooms, medical rehabilitation room, etc., can satisfy 500 people training and living in the center at the same time.

The environment monitoring system is used in the official energy project of the training ground. The specific requirements are: intelligent monitoring auxiliary system including intelligent monitoring system screen, acquisition front-end computer, UPS power supply, video monitoring subsystem (cloud ball machine, ball machine), environmental monitoring subsystem (temperature, humidity, water immersion, smoke), control subsystem (lighting, air conditioning, dehumidifier, fan), door monitoring subsystem (card reader, door opening button, magnetic lock), security monitoring subsystem (dual detector).

2 Design standards and base

The comprehensive monitoring system of the power distribution room is composed of Various sensors, network equipment and computer equipment are interconnected and arranged. Due to different project scales, different functional performance, different degree of bimportance and different levels of user investment, the system can adopt different topological structures, but regardless of which topology is adopted, it adopts the \"station control management layer - network communication layer\". - on-site The hierarchically distributed design idea of ​​\"device layer\". This layered design meets the standards of the current communication system design and implementation, and can relatively complete the monitoring and control functions at each layer, that is, it can realize remote monitoring and control, and also cannot affect the current layer and the bottom layer when the top layer fails Function.

3hardware device selection

In this project, the screen of the intelligent monitoring system is located in the power distribution room. According to the project requirements and drawings, the equipment used in the project can be configured:

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Upload real-time data of temperature and humidity, water immersion status, smoke detection status and other data to the system host to realize the control of the power distribution room environment. The monitoring guarantees the safe and stable operation of electrical equipment.Among them, the power supply, induction line and signal output of the water immersion sensor are isolated from three parts: the temperature and humidity sensor has a 485 communication interface, which can communicate through the standard ModBus-RTU communication protocol; the water immersion sensor Monitor the water accumulation in indoor and outdoor cable ducts caused by the external environment and various factors; the camera is connected to the local video recorder through the network cable, and the real-time surveillance video and event information are stored in the local hard disk, and the video image is transferred through Ethjust sent to the control panel The host; the dual detection infrared and microwave detector overcomes the defect of single technology detector. When the sensors of the two sensing technologies detect the movement of the human body, it will sound the alarm and upload the alarm information to the background system; the access controller is connected to the magnetic lock, the door opening button, the card reader collects information, transmits the door lock information to the background system through the network cable, and can remotely control the door lock switch through the system.

4 site-install

1. Cameras: Install 7 cloud billiards machines, 2 bolt cameras or dome cameras. Video cameras (cloud cameras) are deployed on the front and rear walls of the power distribution box, respectively facing the opposite sides Monitor the power distribution box Understand the operation of the equipment and facilitate the monitoring of the power distribution room panorama The camera (gun) is installed on the side walls on both sides of the gate to ensure that you can see the front of the gate.

2.Smoke sensor: install 5 smoke sensors, placed on the roof of the power distribution room, when the power distribution room is on fire, alarm signal will be given in timesent.

3. Water immersion sensor: install 1 water immersion sensor and configure 1 water immersion sensor at the inlet and outlet of the conduit in each flow distribution chamber The immersion sensor probe is installed at a distance of 15 cm from the conduit wall to the bottom of the trench and the detector is installed at a position 5cm below the cover plate of the cable duct wall.

4. Temperature and humidity sensors: install 5 temperature and humidity sensors, implement them in the power distribution room, and use digital display electronics. The temperature and humidity monitor can send the temperature and humidity information to the front-end processor, and can control heating, start and stoof exhaust and segregation systems.

5. Access control : Install 2 sets of access control systems.A password lock function is required at the door of the power distribution room.

6. Environment Analog information such as temperature and mixing degree and water level are sent through the RS485 interface and connected to the integrated monitoring system. The hard contact connection is connected to the acquisition front-end processor.

5 softwarefunction

1. Real-time monitoring

<p style=\" box-sizing: border-box; margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; padding: 0px; text-indent: 28px; Display the operating status of the equipment in the power distribution room, monitor the environmental parameters of the power distribution room in real time, such as video, temperature, humidity, water leakage/flood, water level, harmful gas and electrical parameters, etc., and provide information about faults and alarms in real time weather.

2. Curve query

In the curve query interface kyou can directly view the telemetry parameter curve, including temperature, humidity, water level, harmful gas, voltage, current and other curves.

3. Run the report

<p style = \"box-sizing: border-box; margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; padding: 0px; text-indent: 28px; text-align: stream divider, including daily report, monthly report, annual report and query report, etc.

4. Real-time alarm

The extensive monitoring system of the power distribution room has a real-time alarm function. Alerts on events such as malfunctions or communication errors.

5. Remote control

power distribution The comprehensive indoor monitoring system can remotely control the equipment within the entire power distribution system.

6. Videoguard

The extended power distribution room monitoring system can be connected to the camera to realize remote monitoring.


Extended power distribution room monitoring is an important link in the entire energy management system. This article introduces the application of the Acrel-2000E comprehensive power distribution monitoring systeml room in the training field project of Xiamen Youth Football Training Center. The system realizes the functions of communication management, real-time monitoring, curve query, real-time alarm, historical event query, video monitoring, etc., and analyzes, processes and displays the environmental data in the power distribution room in real time; there will be alarm methods such as dialog boxes, voice prompts and SMS alarms, and various data reports, analysis curves and images will be generated to facilitate data analysis and research. , and stable operation of the system provides a solid foundation for solving power consumption problems. The authentic and reliable base guarantees the safe and stable operation of electrical equipment.


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