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Application and features of taber wear tester معدات اختبار

Author: Released in:2022-12-14 Click:31

Product Introduction

Taber Abrasion Tester is also called Taber Abrasion Tester, a single disc Abraser abrasion tester with double sample plate, compact structure and good durability. The robust housing contains the control panel with several operating keys, an OLED (Light Emitting Diode) display and input keys. Abraser allows two identical or dissimilar materials to be tested separately or simultaneously for comparison. Below, Shanghai Qianshi will introduce the taber wear tester application and features in detail.

Application range of taber abrasion tester

Suitcase, carpet, cardboard, clothing, glass , plastic coatings, ceramic tiles, metal plating, paints, varnishes, decorative plates, high voltage plates, plastics, textiles, resilient floor mats, traffic paint, anodizing, blankets, electronic components, ddecorative panels, wax, labels, leather covers, dental materials, car interiors, resins, furniture, etc.

Features of Taber Abraser

The unique sanding process puts the material to be tested on the turntable, and the two sanding wheels press against the material with a certain pressure. Let it wear off. The grinding wheel rotates with the rotating surface of the sample plate, causing relative movement and wear, while the offset of the grinding wheel axis from the axis of rotation of the turntable during rotation (60 RPM or 72 RPM) causes a sliding motion, which abrades the material . When a sample with an area of ​​30 square centimeters is subjected to abrasion, the surface material of the sample is abraded by angular particles or silk weaves to form a complete ring. The sander is currently the best accelerated wear tester. The test function can be changed by the accessoryires to change. This durable instrument can perform repeated tests at the same point on a material until approximately 0.5 of the material has broken or worn away. Different wear wheels and accessories can be selected to simulate different actual wear conditions for different tests.

Strict control ensures reliable results, carefully selected abrasives for grinding wheels, high quality pressure on the grinding wheel in grams, stability of the grinding wheel is strictly controlled for quality, electronic measurement of the number of turntable rotations, vacuum cleaner to remove dirt remove.