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Analysis of the level of defense of the rain test bench

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:28

The rainproof test bench is a test equipment independently developed and produced by our company qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. It is cost effective and suitable for the impact and water seepage performance of any textile that has or has not been waterproofed or water repellent. It can simulate that rainwater is sprayed from the horizontal direction onto the fabric under test fixed vertically in the stainless steel tank to test the waterproofness of fabric or composite material under different rainwater pressure.

Applicable standards:

AATCC 35, BS EN ISO 22958, GB/T 23321

Main parameters:

1. Control: LCD color touch screen;

2. Water column: 60~150cm±1.5cm (standard), 60~240cm±1.5cm (extended);

3. Support d Samples: 285×190mm (305mm from nozzle);

4. Heater: 1000W;

5. Temperature Control: Ambient ~40℃± 0.8 ℃ (without devicecooling yew);

6. Water supply source: tap water or distilled water;

7. Tank: 40L.

Defense Level:

0: No protection;

1: Anti-drip I Type II, vertically falling water droplets will have no harmful effect;

2: Anti-drip Type II, water droplets falling within 15° of the vertical direction will have no harmful effect;

3: Rainproof type, no harmful effect of rain within 60 degrees of the vertical direction;

4: Anti-splash type, no harmful effect by water splashing in any direction;

5: Anti-spray type, the direct water spray from n any direction has no harmful effect;

6: Water-resistant type, direct water spray from any direction does not enter inside;

7: Anti-soaking type, even if immersed in waterwater under specified conditions, it will not enter inside;

8: Water type, can be used after being immersed in water with certain pressure for a long time;

 9: Moisture-proof type, it can be used in humidity low relative humidity of 90%.

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