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American Association of Colorists and Chemists Standard Catalog (AATCC) Abstract

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:72

AATCC is the standard organization of the American Textile Industry Association. Currently, all textiles entering the US market must undergo rigorous testing and meet AATCC-related standards before being allowed to enter the US market. My country is a major textile exporter, so this information is very important to us. Textile companies play an important role. Here summarizes Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. simply put together the standard catalog of the American Society of Colorists and Chemists for you.

1. Color Fastness
AATCC6——2001 Color Fastness to Acids and Alkalis
AATCC8——2005 Color Fastness to Rubbing: AATCC Staining Equipment
AATCC15 ——2002 Color Fastness to Perspiration
AATCC16——2004 Color Fastness to Light
AATCC23——2005 Color Fastness to Gas Decontamination
AATCC61——2003 Color Fastness to Domestic and Commercial Washing : Rapid Method

AATCC101——2004 Color Fastness against bleachand with hydrogen peroxide
AATCC104——2004 color fastness to water stains
AATCC106——2002 color fastness to water Fastness to seawater
AATCC107——2002 color fastness to water
AATCC109——2005 color fastness to ozone in low humidity atmosphere
AATCC116——2005 color fastness to rubbing: vertical rotary dipping Colorimeter method
AATCC117——2004 color fastness to heat: dry heat (excluding ironing)
AATCC119——2004 Surface grinding discoloration (frosty white): wire mesh method
AATCC120 ——2004 Surface grinding discoloration (frosty white): Carborundum method
AATCC125— —2004 Color fastness to water and light: variable action
AATCC129——2005 Color fastness to atmospheric ozone with high humidity
AATCC131——2005 Color Fastness to Wrinkle: Steam Wrinkle
AATCC132—2004 Color Fastness to Dry Cleaning
AATCC133——2004 Color Fastness to Heat: Ironing
AATCC139——2005 color fastness to light: dedetection of photochromia
AATCC157——2005 color fastness to solvent stains: perchloroethylene

AATCC162——2002 Color fastness to water: chlorinated swimming pool water
AATCC163——2002 Color fastness: dye transfer between fabrics during storage
AATCC164——2001 Color Fastness To Nitrogen Oxides At High Humidity Atmosphere
AATCC165——1999 Color Fastness To Rubbing: Carpet——AATCC Staining Apparatus
AATCC172——2003 Color Fastness To Household Washing Without Chlorine Bleaching:
AATCC180— —2005 Color Fastness to High Temperature and Light: Daylight Temperature Tested Equipment
AATCC181——2005 Color Fastness to Light at High Temperature: Daylight Temperature and Humidity Tested Equipment —2003 Color Fastness to Home Washing with Active Oxygen Bleach: Accelerated Method

II. Physical Properties
AATCC 17——2005 Evaluation of Wetting Agents
AATCC 22——2005 Waterproofing Proeitest
AATCC 26——2004 Aging test of textile paints with sulfur paint: rapid method
AATCC 27 ——2004 Wetting Agent: Evaluation of rewetting agent
AATCC 35——2000 Water resistance: rain test
AATCC 42—— 2000 Water Resistance: Impact Penetration Test
AATCC 43——2004 Mercerizing Wetting Agent
AATCC 66——2003 Wrinkle Recovery of Woven Fabrics: Recovery Angle Method
AATCC 70——2005 Water Repellency: Dynamic Water Absorption Test of Inverted Container
AATCC 76—— 2005 Electrical Resistance of Fabrics
AATCC 79—2000 Absorbency of Bleached Textiles
AATCC 84—2005 Yarn Resistanc
AATCC 86—2005 Dry Cleaning Durability of Print Patterns and Finishers

AATCC 88B——2003 Shaping of Fabric Seams After Repeated Home Washing
AATCC 88C——2003 Wrinkle Resistant Ability After Repeated Home Washing
AATCC 92—2004 Strength Caused by Residual Chlorine Loss: Single Specimen Method
AATCC 93——2005 Abrasion Resistance of Fabrics: Rapid Instrument Method
AATCC 96——2004 Dimensional Change of Woven and Knitted Fabrics except Woolen Fabrics on Commercial Laundering
AATCC 99——2004 Dimensional Change of Woven and Knitted Woolen Fabrics: relaxation, curing and milling
AATCC 111——2003 Weather resistance of textiles: exposure to sunlight
AATCC 114 ——2005 Loss of strength caused by residual chlorine : multi-sample method
AATCC 115——2005 Dust Electrostatic Adsorption Test: Dust on Metal
AATCC 118——2002 Oil Repellency: Hydrocarbon Resistance Test
AATCC 121——2005 Carpet Soil: Visual Evaluation Method
AATCC 122—2000 Carpet Soil: Practical Stain Method
AATCC 123— 2000 Carpet Soiling: Rapid Stain Method
AATCC 124—2005 Appearance of Fabrics After Repeated Home Washing
AATCC 127——2003 Water Resistance : Hydrostatic Pressure Test
AATCC 128——2004 Wrinkle Restoration of Fabrics: Evaluation Methode for Appearance
AATCC 130——2000 Stain Removal: Oil Stain Removal Method
AATCC 134—2001 Static Trend of Carpets
AATCC 135—2004 Dimensional Change of Fabrics after Home Washing
AATCC 136—2003 Bond strength of self-adhesive and laminated fabrics
AATCC 137--2002 Discoloration of vinyl floor tiles on the back of carpets

AATCC 138--2005 Cleaning: Washing textile floor coverings
AATCC 142--2005 Flocked Fabrics After Repeated Home Washing And/or Coin Dry Cleaning Appearance
AATCC 143—2001 Appearance Of Garments And Other Textile Articles After Repeated Home Washing
AATCC 150—2003 Dimensional Change Of Clothing After Home washing
AATCC 151——2003 Soil reduction: scrubber method
AATCC 158——2005 Dimensional change in dry cleaning of perchlorethylene: machine washing
AATCC 169——2003 Weather resistance of textiles: irradiation with xenon arc lamp
AATCC 171——2005 Hotwaextraction method for carpet cleaning
AATCC 175——2003 Stain Resistance: Pile Carpets
AATCC 178——2004 Weft Streaks: Visual Evaluation and Assessment
AATCC 179--2004 Change of Weft Weft and Torsion of Garments Caused by Fully Automatic Household washing
AATCC 183--2004 Determination of penetration or blocking properties of ultraviolet by fabric
AATCC 186——2001 Weather resistance: ultraviolet exposure and humidity
AATCC 187——2004 Change of fabric size: accelerated Method
AATCC 189——2002 Fluorine Content in Carpet Fibers
AATCC 191——2004 Effect of Acid Cellulase: Top Opening Washing Machine
AATCC 192——2005 Weather Resistance Test of Textiles: Dry and Wet textile exposure to sunlight

3. Biological properties
AATCC24——2004 Textile insect resistance test method
AATCC28——2004 Textile insect pest assessment
AATCC30 ——2004 Evaluation of antischimmel properties of textile materials: mildew and antiseptic properties of textile materials
AATCC100——2004 Evaluation of antibacterial finishing agents of textile materials
AATCC103——2004 Bacterial α-amylase for decolorization
AATCC147——2004 Evaluation of antibacterial properties of textile materials: parallel stripe method
AATCC174——1998 Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of carpets

4. Dye performance
AATCC140——2001 Method for Assessing the Migration of Dyes and Pigments During Pad Drying
AATCC141——2004 Base Dyes for Acrylic Fibers Compatibility
AATCC146—— 2001 Dispersion of Disperse Dyes: Filtration Test
AATCC154—— 2001 Thermosetting of Disperse Dyes
AATCC159——1999 Acid and Metal Complexes in Nylon and Acid Dyes Transfer
AATCC161——2002 Color Change of Complexing Agents Control of Disperse Dyes Caused by Metabolismaal
AATCC167——2003 foaming tendency of disperse dyes
AATCC170——2001 dusting tendency of powder dyes Evaluation
AATCC176——2001 Evaluation of dispersed dye spots
AATCC182——2005 Relative intensity of dye color in solution
AATCC184——2005 Determination of dye properties

 V. Evaluation procedure
Evaluation procedure 1 (2002) Gray scale for color change
Evaluation Procedure 2 (2002) Gray Scale for Coloring
Evaluation Procedure 4 (2002) Standard Depth Gauge for Depth Determination
Evaluation Procedure 5 (2001 ) Guidelines for Subjective Evaluation of Sense of Fabric
Evaluation Procedure 6 (1998) Instrumental color method
Evaluation procedure 7 (1998) with instrumentEvaluation procedure 8 (2002) Nine-step

AATCC evaluation standard for color transfer
Evaluation procedure 9 (2002) Visual evaluation of textile color difference

VI IDtification and analysis
AATCC 20——2005 Qualitative Fiber Analysis
AATCC 20A——2005 Quantitative Fiber Analysis
AATCC 81——2001 Bleached Textile Water Extract PH Value
AATCC 82— —2001 Fluidity of Cellulose Dispersion in Bleached Cotton Cloth
AATCC 89——2003 Mercerizing Cotton
AATCC 94——2002 Finishing Agent in Textiles: Method of Identification

AATCC 97——1999 Gray and/or Printed and Contents extractable paint material
AATCC 98——2002 Alkali in bleaching baths with hydrogen peroxide
AATCC 102——2002 Potassium permanganate Titrimetric determination of hydrogen peroxide
AATCC 110—2005 Whiteness of textiles
AATCC 112—2003 Formaldehyde Released from Substances: Sealed Jar Method
AATCC 144—2002 Wet Processing Total Alkaline Content in Textiles
AATCC 149——2002 Complexing Agent Amino Polycarboxylic Acids and their Salts and Values: Calcium Oxalate Method
AATCC 168——2002 Complexing agent polyaminopolycarboxylic acids Analysis of the content of active ingredientsgrafting of acids and their salts
Panphenol (PAN)-copper method
AATCC 173——2005 Color Mixing: Calculation of Permissible Small Color Difference
AATCC 183——2004 Ultraviolet Light Passing Through Tissues Determination of Penetration - or barrier performance
AATCC 185——2000 Percent complexing agent in hydrogen peroxide bleach bath
Panphenol (PAN ) copper indicator method