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Alcohol Eraser Pencil Wear Tester – Alcohol Eraser Pencil Wear Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:29

This machine is suitable for testing the wear resistance of all kinds of plastic products, such as: computer, mobile phone, camera, MP3, CD/VCD/DVD, wireless, electronic dictionaries, household appliances and so on.

Alcohol Eraser Pencil Wear Tester
Adopt precision transmission parts well made in Japan, running smoothly, low noise; standard configuration: hardness scratch test fixture, eraser test fixture, alcohol test fixture, standard test Pencil, standard test eraser

This friction testing machine uses variable cam structure, which is driven by imported roller track, so that the workpiece can move up and down with the motor to reach the test. the product has been tested for wear resistance over its lifetime. This machine is mainly used for testing the surface wear resistance of oil injection and screen printing of various products. Friction surface (witha given load), the ratio of the friction test with a given stroke and speed to the untested.

Technical parameters:
Test load: 60~1000g
Maximum load: 5kg
Test stroke: 10~80mm (adjustable)
Test speed: 10~100rpm /min
Speed ​​control method: button
Loading weight: 50,80,100,200,500g
Machine size: 450*380*460(W*D*H)mm
Machine weight: 25kg
Power supply: 220V, 50HZ
Supplied: 2 Malaysian 7017R Erasers
Instrument Application:
1. This machine has the functions of adjustable speed and adjustable stroke; ACO-5600 Alcohol Rubber Abrasion Tester
2. It can display current test rate and number of tests;
3. The multi-function counter can preset the number of tests to be tested, and it will stop automatically when it reaches the limit