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AKRON Abrasion Tester-Sole Abrasion Tester Testing Machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:54

AKRON Abrasion Tester-Sole Wear Tester Testing MachineTest Standard:
GB/T1689 , BS 903, CNS 734, JIS K6264

AKRON abrasion tester-only abrasion tester testing machineMain features:
1. The device is digitally set and displays the amount of wear;
2. Automatic shutdown, integration of the host and electrical control design;
3. It adopts calibrated grinding wheel, which is beautiful in appearance and easy to operate It is an upgraded testing machine in China;
4. It meets the requirements of GB/T 1689 \"Determination of abrasion resistance of vulcanized rubber\" and other standards.
5. Due to the friction between the sample and the grinding wheel under a certain inclination angle and load, the wear volume of the sample within a certain mileage is measured, which is used to measure the rubber products or vulcanized rubber such as schsoles, tires and vehicle tracks abrasion resistance.

Technical parameters:
1. Grinding wheel specifications: φ150×25mm, particle size 36﹟, oxidation Aluminum or φ150×38mm, particle size 40﹟, aluminum oxide
2. Weight of the weight: 26.7 ± 0.2 N or 27.5 N ± 0.2 N and other specifications
3. Sample shaft speed: 76 ± 2 r/min
4. Grinding wheel rotation speed: 34±1r/min
5. Sample inclination angle: 0°~45° adjustable
6. Counter: LCD liquid crystal display 0~999,999
 7. Volume: 600×450×400mm
8. Weight: about 60Kg
9. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

Instrument delivery issues:
1. The delivery of this instrument can be delivered to the user by express or logistics, or the manufacturer can send the instrument directly to the user\'s location, or sent by Ben through road transport company. Whichever method is used oWhen transporting the instrument, the user has the right to request that the instrument is fully packed and that all accessories are complete upon receipt.
2. For door to door users, please check and accept the instrument according to the order on site when you receive it. If the instrument is missing, damaged, incomplete, incorrectly delivered, etc., point out and reject it on the spot or call when the courier arrives. We have customer service, we will resend for free, otherwise you need to call our customer service to explain the reason, and you can return the instrument after you ask permission and the shipping cost is at your own expense, we will resend the instrument for free after we have received your return.