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Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Materials for Salt Spray Aging Test Chambers

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-07 Click:46

The salt spray aging test chamber is used to evaluate the corrosivity of the material and protective layer by salt spray. In the beginning, the material of the equipment was glass-steel plate, which was soon eliminated. the most popular is PVC reinforced hard plastic board, and now most manufacturers use PP board material. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these three different materials?

Salt spray aging test chamber made of glass steel sheet: Glass fiber or its products are used as reinforced plastics, which are called glass fiber reinforced plastics. Or called FRP. Over time, the surface is prone to fading and fibrosis.

PVC reinforced hard plastic board salt spray aging test chamber: it has the advantages of relatively corrosion resistance, can do neutral salt spray test, and can also meet general salt spray test. But as the testing requirements get stricter. Many customers moeat an acid salt spray test and copper accelerated vinegar instinct test (CASS test) to require manufacturers to correct, which is too expensive.

Salt spray aging test chamber for PP sheet: Compared with PVC sheet, PP sheet can withstand higher temperatures. PVC sheet salt spray: box temperature 35°C, air-saturated vessel 47°C; PP plate salt spray: box temperature 50°C, air-saturated vessel 63°C. If acid-salt spray test is made of the above materials, the test box will be deformed if it waits for a long time. But the material mentioned later will not, because it has the advantage of a wider test range and there is a small price difference.