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A comprehensive guide to color fastness to light

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:167

Color Fastness to Light measures the sun resistance of dyes and materials. The test method can be either sun exposure or sun exposure. The degree of fading of the sample after exposure to sunlight is compared with the standard color sample.

Under artificial conditions, speed up the simulation of various textiles, clothing, dyes, plastics, rubber, plastics, automotive interior parts, geosynthetics and other materials due to sun, rain, etc. are often exposed to natural climatic conditions temperature, humidity, alternating light and shade after the comprehensive action of its physical and chemical properties (also known as aging).


1 Factors affecting color fastness to light1.1 Effect of dye concentration on color fastness to light:1.2 The influence of the pH-value of the fabric on the color fastness to light:1.3 Influence of the moisture content of the fabric on the color fastness to light:1.4 The influence of light fast ESS accelerator on sunfastness:2 Which industries use the light fastness test3 Classification of weather conditions measuring device3.1 Xenon arc tester3. 2 Carbon Arc Tester3.3 Mercury Light Tester4 Introduction to ATLAS, QLAB and SUGA Instruments4.1 SUGA Xenon Weather Gauge4 . 2 QLAB Light Fastness Tester4.3 ATLAS Weatherometer

Factors affecting color fastness to lightEffect of dye concentration on color fastness to light:

The color fastness of cotton fabrics depends on the variety Per the lower the dye concentration, the worse the color fastness.

The influence of the pH value of the fabric on the light fastness:

PH value has a great influence on the color fastness sunfastness of cottonoil tissue. The color fastness of cotton fabrics close to neutral is best. The color fastness of cotton fabric is not good to acids or bases.

Effect of fabric moisture content on color fastness to light :

Moisture content has a major impact on the CoLor fastness of cotton fabric. The higher the moisture content, the poorer the color fastness. This is mainly because the greater the moisture content of cotton fabric, the greater the area of ​​​​the dye particles that accumulate on the surface of the water, the lower the color fastness to light.

The influence of Lightfastness accelerators on sunfastness:

Sunfastness accelerators are effective in improving the sunfastness of cotton fabrics and should also be used in conjunction with other finishing processes. Therefore, when finishing cotton fabrics, the synergistic and reducing effects of sunfastness accelerators and other reagents should be taken into account.

We also analyzed the factors influencing color fastness to light from some other perspectives.

Which industries use the lightfastness test?


The YG611F air-cooled xenon arc tester is designed to simulate the light spectrum and amplify soil by a xenon arc lamp as the light source, complemented by temperature and humidity control and water spray conditions. Flat Xenon exposure systems for testing the long-term effects of light, heat and humidity on your products in the end-use environment. This kind of xenon-Tester is suitable for different types of materials, such as textiles, leather, plastic, rubber, painting, dyes, etc.

Function :

Chamber body materials

The outer shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and continues the spray treatment, bright, beautiful and easy to clean; Working chamber material is high quality SUS304 stainless steel plate; uses double silica gel to seal the chamber door, good sealing and anti-aging performance.


Control system on the top of the machine, including temperature control gauge, button and display; The upper part is light source section, 3 xenon lamps and there is a d filter in it, which provides stable and suitable simulated light. The middle part is the work area. The large sample tray can meet the needs of many kinds of sample sizes. Theres drawer-like tray makes sample loading and unloading quick and easy. Tray inclinations of 10° allow testing of flat and three-dimensional samples; the lower part is the fan and water area.

Control System

Features a large, programmable, colorful touch screen that can measure chamber temperature and humidity to be controlled and adjusted; Humidity and temperature sensor is a high precision PT100 platinum resistor; High setting and display resolution: temperature 0.1℃, humidity 0.1RH%, time 0.1min; The irradiance can be automatically adjusted by adjusting the light intensity by controlling the lamp.

Xenon arc lamp system

Equipped with three xenon lamps consisting of filter, trigger and power supply; Xenon arc lamp: high quality and certified lamp with a long service life.< p>Spray system

CupreoUS sprayer, corrosions and rustproof, easy to remove, and the spray capacity can be adjusted; the spray water pressure is 1 to 1.5 bar; equipped with two spray heads at the top of the working chamber.

Safety protection system

Water level protection; current leakage protection; Over-temperature and over-current protection for fans; automatic stop after error alarm.

Standard ISO 4892-2, ISO 11341GB/T 16422.2, GB/T 1865

Key specification:

Xenon lamp power2500W*3, adjustableirradiation range (1.10±0.02)W/(m 2nm)@420nmphotoperiod1~999hours ( adjustable) Black panel temperature (BPT) 50~90℃Temperature range RT+10℃~+ 70℃Temperature variation ±0.5℃ Temperature uniformity ±2℃Heating capacity1 kWHumidity range85~98%RHHumidity variation ±3%RHHumidity uniformity±5%RHRain interval0 ~240min (adjustable)rainwater pressure1~1.5barYG611M Air-Cooled Xenon Arc Tester


YG611M Air-Cooled Xenon Arc Tester is used to determine the color fastness and aging to light, weather resistance and composite color fastness to light perspiration of colored textiles, leather, plastics, etc. by adjusting various parameters such as irradiance, temperature, humidity and spray to simulate the natural state in the laboratory. You can control irradiance in real time, check and compensate irradiance, temperature and humidity automatically.


Xenon Arc Tester

10.4 inch color touchscreen display, Windows operating system, concise user interface, few setting operations and simple operation; Real-time graphic display, the operator can easily access the test process; Independent ControllingFor each sample to be tested, the test time of the samples is controlled separately. Set the time for each sample. When the set time has elapsed, the appropriate sample can be removed and testing of the remaining samples can continue. Automatic reminder when testing of each sample is finished via.

StandardISO 105-B02/B04ASTM G155-1/155-4GB/T 8427/8430AATCC 16/169JIS L0843GMW 3414