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Flame retardant performance tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2021-04 Click:759

Flame retardant performance and fire performance requirements of automotive interior materials

The flame retardancy and fire performance test of automotive interior materials refers to the standard fire test, the object should be able to meet the required stability and/or integrity and/or thermal insulation and/or other applications within a set period of time. Satisfied performance.
  S reaction to fire:
   As the name implies, if a fire occurs, safety cannot be guaranteed in a relatively safe place when safety is uncertain. Therefore, the materials for vehicle construction and decoration must be non-flammable and have a low total release of heat, smoke, and toxic gases.
   Flame retardant test of automotive interior materials, fire test to prove:
   1. Achieve acceptable control of fire hazard;
  2. When the surface of all the main materials used is exposed to the fire source, the acceptable control of the total level of heat, smoke and poisonous gas is achieved;
  3. All materials or articles required to be used as fireproof boards, as well as materials and articles that are required to function when exposed to a fire source, shall achieve acceptable fireproof performance.
  The flame retardant performance of automotive interior materials involves products:
  1. Rubber products (sealing ring)
   2. Plastic products
  3. Luggage rack
   4. Ceiling
   5. Fireproof paint
   6. Sponge products (seats)
  7. Floor materials
   8. Fireproof glue
  9. Wire and cable
  10. Fireproof fabrics (curtains, seat covers, carpets, etc.)
  The flame retardant performance and fire performance test standard of automotive interior materials:
   GB8410 combustion characteristics of automotive interior materials
   SAEJ369 polymer interior material flame retardant test
   TL1010 combustion performance of automotive interior materials
   ISO3795 agricultural and forestry road vehicles, tractors and machinery. Determination of the combustion performance of interior materials
  DIN75200 Determination of the combustion performance of interior materials for locomotives
  95/28/EC passenger car interior material combustion performance test
  NFP92-505 drop test
  U.T.A.C18-502T1 The combustion performance of French vehicle interior materials
   BMWN60121.0 BMW standard
  DBL5307 Mercedes-Benz-automotive interior requirements and test specifications
   GML-T06-302G-79 General Motors Standard
  MitsubishiES-X60410 Mitsubishi-oxygen index test
  VWTL1010 Volkswagen-Requirements for combustion performance of automotive interior materials
  VolvoSTD5031 Volvo-flame retardant and fire-retardant automotive interior materials
   Other related tests of automotive interior materials:
  VDA278(DC:PBVWL709),ToyotaTSMO509G,Audi/VW50180-Emissiontesting/gas volatility energy test
  VDA270, TSMO509G-Odourtesting/odor testing
  VDA275-Formaldehyderelease/formaldehyde release
  VDA277-Testfororganicemissions/Release of organic gas
  DIN75201AandB-Foggingtest/Fogging test

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