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1046359 Safety relay for emergency stop, safety gate and light grid monitoring

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:23

Phoenix PSR-SCP-24UC/CE2/3X1/1X2/B-Safety Relay1046359

Safety relay for emergency stop, safety door and light curtain monitoring, meets the requirements of SIL 3, category 4/PL e according to EN ISO 13849, single or dual channel operation, 3 starting currents Access , rated input voltage 24 V AC/DC, pluggable screw terminals.

Relays generally have detection mechanisms that can reflect certain input variables (such ascurrent, voltage, power, impedance, frequency, temperature, pressure, speed, light, etc.) (input part); there is an actuator (output part) which can realize \"on\" and \"off\" control of the controlled circuit; between the input part and the output part of the relay, there is also coupling and isolation of the input quantity, function processing, and an intermediate mechanism (driving part) that drives the output part.

Product Type Safety Relay Productline PSRclassic Kit includes 1051298 PSR-SCP-24UC/CE2/3X1/1X2/B SET Application Emergency stop button The mechanical life of the safety door grille is approximately 107 switching times. The relay model is an electromechanical relay with mechanical interlocking contacts, which complies with standard IEC/EN61810 -3