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The Martindale Pilling Test

Author: Released in:2018-06-27 Click:1477

The martindale Pilling tester can detect the wear resistance and Pilling performance of various plants. Under certain pressure, the sample and the specified abrasive are continuously changed to the friction, and the standard parameters are compared for wear and pilling degree evaluation. Touch screen control, equipped with full-featured programming device, pre-programmed batch and total number, set each test head count separately; You can choose four speeds, including the standard speed.

The Martindale Pilling TestThe Martindale Pilling Test

Working principle:
1. The circular sample and the same material fabric are subjected to a given pressure, and then, after being polished by Lissajous graph movement trajectory, the grading of the sample starting pilling will be evaluated after reaching the specified number of turns. The principle corresponds to the test of the degree of pilling of the fabric in the standard.
2, circular fabric sample under certain pressure, and standard abrasive according to Li Sha as (Lissajous) and track curve of friction each other, cause the sample damaged, expressed as a sample broken wear-resisting times wear-resisting performance of fabric.

Pilling test.
The pilling test method used in Martindale was developed with the development of EMPA. The test is suitable for knitted and woven fabric (made of staple yarn). Testing instrument was used to simulate the normal wear of pilling, under slight pressure, will be put on the sample holder and grinding on the self fabric sample at a certain geometry friction each other, then after grinding sample and standard sample according to the contrast level. According to the sample, the sample can be divided into three categories: knitting pilling, pilling, pilling and pilling. And according to pilling, the red line is divided into five levels.
5- no ball 4- slightly pilling 3- medium pilling 2- serious pilling 1- very serious pilling.

Test method:
The test sample is rubbed against the standard friction cloth under specified pressure, and the wear-resisting property of the sample is evaluated after the predetermined rotation number is reached.

Operation precautions:
1. Friction cloth shall not be used repeatedly, and a friction cloth shall be replaced for each test.
2. The wool felt can be used repeatedly. If the surface is worn or has been contaminated, it needs to be replaced.
3. The insole should go to the cloth first, and then the martindale wear-resisting test;
4. After the test is completed, the surface stage of the sample has the abnormal phenomena such as abrasion, broken yarn, pilling, severe ball and serious wear, etc., which is deemed to be unqualified.
5. When making samples, pay special attention to cutting edges to avoid hair changes, so as to avoid unnecessary mass loss and appearance changes.