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Fabrics Wear Resistance Test Method

Author: Released in:2017-07-28 Click:871

Clothing fabrics in the use of the process, will be subject to a variety of external factors, in particular, often with the surrounding objects in contact with each other friction, resulting in different degrees of wear and tear of clothing fabrics and even damage, affecting its performance, so the detection of clothing fabrics Abrasion resistance is very important.
Fabrics Wear Resistance Test Method
There are two main types of test methods for wear resistance of garment fabrics, namely, actual wear test and laboratory instrument test. The actual wear test is more in line with the actual wearing effect, but to spend a lot of manpower and material resources, and the test takes a long time, the organization is also very complex, in practice more difficult to carry out. In order to overcome these shortcomings, so under certain conditions, the clothing fabric laboratory test equipment. Garment fabrics in actual use, suffered a variety of wear and tear, such as with the operating machine, field crops, warrior weapons, tables and chairs and other friction. Different uses of fabric in the use of the process, the degree of wear is also very different. For example, the coat, gloves, hosiery and other effects of the friction is more intense, underwear, T-shirt, etc. suffered less friction. Therefore, to get the correct results of the actual wear test, you must carefully select the laboratory test conditions, so that with the actual conditions of use similar. For this reason, many types of wear-resistant instruments, test methods are also many, in the selection should pay attention to choose the most suitable equipment and methods.
Fabrics Wear Resistance Test Method
There are three ways to judge the wear resistance index, namely the end point method, the mass loss method and the appearance change method. End point method: when the machine clothing fabric two different latitude and longitude yarn broken, needle fabric fabric a yarn breakage, nonwovens there is a hole of not less than 0.5mm, fleece fabric fabric all worn off, remember Under the number of friction as a wear resistance index. Quality loss method: the quality of the sample before the test called the quality of A, after a certain number of times after the friction called the quality of B, the quality loss A-B, or mass loss percentage (A-B) / A × 100% as wear resistance index. Appearance change method: After a certain number of friction test samples, observe the appearance changes, such as color changes, with or without pilling phenomenon, the degree of wear, the appearance of the degree of change as a wear resistance index.