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Din Abrader

Author: Released in:2021-04-08 Click:867

Din Abrader
Din Abrader

Din Abrader:
This top quality and highly popular abrasion tester will allow you to measure the abrasion resistance of rubbers (vulcanized thermo set rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers) that are subject to abrasive/frictional wear on their actual service. Since wear is always a result of abrasion, different test methods have been developed for the simulation of long-term wear.

DIN 53516, JIS K6369 ,GB/T 20991,GB 20265-2006,GB20266-2006,SATRA TM174,BS 903,JIS K6264,GB/T9867,ISO4649

Applicable industry:
CE Plastic and Rubber Din Abrasion Tester, DIN Abrasimeter applied to test leather performance in shoes, clothing, luggage handbag industry, research laboratories, commodity inspection, arbitration and technical supervision departments.

Main Feature:
With a small sample, save time, friction way of non-repetition, low noise, high efficiency, good reproducibility and easy to operate and so on.

Din Abrader main parameters:

  1. The test piece: φ16mm, 6 ~ 15mm (D)
  2. Clamp load: 2.5N
  3. Weight load: 2.5N, 5N
  4. The fixture lateral displacement volume: 4.2mm / wheel every lap
  5. Abrasive cloth: 60 #
  6. Roller Diameter: 150mm
  7. Roller Length: 460mm
  8. The roller speed: 40rpm
  9. predetermined stroke: 40m / 20m
  10. Wear Speed: 0.32m / sec
  11. Inclination: 3 ° test piece and the roller support shaft vertical angle
  12. Volume: 70 × 30 × 30cm
  13. Weight: 61kg
  14. Power source: 1∮, AC220V, 3A