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Circular Locus Pilling Tester

Author: Released in:2018-08-09 Click:1255

Circular Locus Pilling Tester

Testing Standards:
GB/T 4802.1, JIG 040-1990


Product Information:
The Circular Locus Pilling Tester is used for determining the pilling and fuzzing of all kinds of fabrics to evaluable the product quality and process, such as wool, chemical fiber, mixed, kitted and woven fabrics. During the test, fabric is rubbed against a nylon brush and abrasive, or only against an abrasive under controlled conditions.

Technical Parameters:
1.Contact gap between abrasive assembly and abrasive platform: ≤0.2mm;
2.Parallelism of grinding head and grind plane: ≤0.3mm;
3.Moving locus:¢40mm circle track moving;
4.Nylon brush with paralleled surface, the altitude difference: <0.5mm;
5.Reciprocating speed of abrasive platform: 60±1r/min;
6.Weight of grinding head: 490cN±1%;
7.Weight of larger loading weight/pieces: 290cN±1%;
8.Weight of little loading weight/pieces: 100cN±1%;
9.Times of options: 1~9999;
10.Meet the requirements of standard tests.


SAMPLE TYPES Pressure/cN Fuzzing No. Pilling No.
Chemical fiber knitted fabric 590 150 150
Chemical fiber woven fabric 590 50 50
Military uniform (combing blended) 490 30 50
Combed wool fabric 780 0 600
Carded wool fabric 490 0